Why can’t I buy kool aid powder unsweetened packets in Canada anymore?

Kool Aid now owned by Kraft food is no longer producing Kool Aid unsweetened packets to be sold in Canada. Why? we don’t really know and kool aid has not really said much in this regards but our suspecion is that its not a lead money maker for them nor for the grecery stores.

Are there any stoers in Ontario or British Columbia that sell Kool aid unsweetened drink mixes ?

Since Kraft Canada is not producing these drink mixes there are no stores that are carrying these unsweetened Kool aid packets. Since these have been discontinued there have been stores here and there carrying these for sometime, but as far as we know there are no stores selling these packets, there might a random store here and there still carrying one or two flavours but thats your best bet.

How much is shipping ?

The best way to find the shipping for your area is to add a few items to your cart go to the checkout page and just enter your postal code and you will be able to see the exact shipping charges.

We ship all across Canada, including all the provinces and territories.

How long does it usually takes to get my Kool aid unsweetened packetes ?

We usually ship within 48 hours of recieving the order, depending on where you are located in Canada it might take 7-10 business days from date of shipping for you to recieve your order.

Is this official Kool Aid?

This is not offical Kool Aid website or page, we are not associated with Kool aid or Kraft foods and all the graphics and logos are property of Kraft Canada and are only used for refrence to thier products.

We just import and re-sell Kool aid unsweetened packets in Canadad.

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